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No Spa? No Problem: The benifits of doing doll Laundry

 After a long hot photoshoot with Kendall from AG, I did a hand wash on her clothing and a bubble bath on her body! I used a  gentle shampoo and conditioner. NOTE: I didn't dare take her hair down. Afterwards, she was sent outside to dry flat on a fluffy towel!  I used Purex Brand wash booster to make her dolly clothing smell super sweet and fresh! I will be doing a light iron on her tee and skirt!  Many collectors spend lots of money on additional outfits for their dolls and would also like to keep the original clothing nice and free from odor. You can do this by caring for the doll and their clothing on a routine basis. Its important to always note care instructions and be aware of the types of laundry powder you are using on the clothing. You do not want to  pick a detergent that has a bleach or is so harsh it would fade the clothing.
 Pick one day out the month to do doll laundry. It can be very relaxing to wash, air dry, fold or hang. Lastly, put clothing into a labeled zip lock bag with a downy dryer sheet! Pick a day that you can enjoy the benefits of  ironing ... I found myself feeling very relaxed and at ease about  two weeks ago while taking my time to iron my business attire. It was at this point I thought hmmmm.. instead of ironing as I go, why not pick a day out the week (Sunday is great) and take 45 min at least and iron. 45 min, a little wine and maybe some jazz sounds real good if you cant get to a spa!  So enjoy one of the perks of being a dolly collector/parent iron your way to a more tranquil life.


  1. Great tips!

    Any ironing I do is very limited and the most I do is for the dolls. :-)


    1. Isn't it something .. Well do for our dolls what we won't do for ourselves!

  2. I agree, great tips for dolly washing. I desperately need to wash some dolly clothes. Ironing? The only ironing I do is in my sewing room as I making garments.

    1. I really like the way this wash booster smells and am slowly working on organizing all my doll clothing!


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