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Part II: Horror Dolls and Annabelle; Can Dolls Really be Possessed?

Since this is the month of Horror( October) what better time to explore and discuss some great horror movies that focused on haunted dolls. I'm feeling a spin off blog coming real soon as I discovered rather quickly there are dozens of movies with haunted dolls. This is Part II of my Horror Dolls post. One such that comes to mind is the Classic Annabelle that debuted a few years ago. This movie was such a hit and was the prelude to the movie the Conjuring. It was at this time while in the movie  with my heart fluttering in the theater that I decided most horror movies today where just a tad bit to real for me... Yeah.. I don"t think this is fun anymore.
 Earlier this year, I had a chance to see some great horror collectibles at a local comic book store. They had some wonderful fan favorites such as The Bride of Chucky.  I don't have Annabelle but, would love to add her to my list... This is actually a great price for this doll and I'm thinking I may pay them a visit …

Part I: Horror Dolls and Talking Tina

Doll collectors have long been considered strange or creepy people. Many people believe dolls to be haunted and possessed by spirits.  I plan to do some research on this topic and explore it more in weeks to come. I couldn't help but to think of the classic Twilight Zone Episode of Talking Tina. This was my inspiration for Halloween decor this year. Do you remember this classic episode?

 Last year I decided to create my own Horror dolls. I was inspired by some of the horror babies I saw on Pinterest and Ebay. This is a great way to recycle old dolls and to add some fun to your Halloween decor this year. This project was completed in one day and I did this as a workshop with a few friends.

                                         This Year's Halloween Theme: The Haunted Toy Shop

  How to Create Horror Props for Your Window Display

 Supplies needed:
  Old dolls from a thrift store
  Acrylic paints
  Paint brushes/ sponges
  Trash bags(to set under dolls while painting)

How Black Dolls Help Develop Self Esteem and The Black Doll Test

Most of you know about the  Black Doll Test(click on the phrase to learn more). It was used to gage  how children felt about race. In this study you are able to see Black children and how they felt about themselves. If we have not learned anything from that study  we hopefully learned the importance of providing positive words and environments for children of color to play. Most importantly, I think we learned  the role that Black dolls can play in a child's life and how they grow to feel about themselves.
 I recently helped to support a Kickstarter campaign to produce a doll that not only is beautiful but provides positive words to encourage children's self esteem development. The doll recites 20 positive phrases to help reinforce their self esteem.
The first doll in the Brains and Beauty Collection is Malia, She is a beautiful 18in doll that gives American Girl a run for their money.  Check out the features and tell me  if you agree. With a wonderful price tag of $85 and wi…

Luciana Vega Give A Way Winner and a Trip to the American Girl Store

I hope  you had a chance to experience Luciana first hand January 1st in American Girl Stores. The weather kept a lot of fans at home. Me being the curious one and always wanting to experience the AG madness I trekked my way out in 30 degree weather and picked up a few goodies for myself.
Whenever AG does a doll release they give out the coolest items in the store... Luciana Vegas debut was no different. I was able to snag a very cool tee and a few Phases of the Moon Trackers.

Any of the items will become instant "to haves" for the collection because they where only given out that day. I decided to do a Give A Way since many of our American Girl Addy Fans were note able to get out and get one.....  I think the poster would be cool to laminated and display with your doll. I promised a video response this evening/night  announcing the winner... Check it out below.
                                                  Drum Roll Please.............................................…