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Sunday, September 7, 2014

When Life Gives You Lemons ....Play With Dolls


   I can't remember exactly when I decided I was gonna take my dolls out of the box/curio cabinets and start redressing them, but I do remember when I decided I would start collecting and playing with Fashion dolls.  It was the winter of 2012.... I was unemployed and bored to death.. I needed something to get my mind off things that where stressing me.... I discovered a website called Doll Observers  and my life kinda changed.... for the better although...  It has created a hoarding situation..... I look forward to the day  the clouds clear.. and they will eventually clear... until then I'll play and create my vision of happiness through doll play..... I hope you do the same!

Here is the current project I am working on.... along with my newly deboxed Cynthia Bailey... Staring in her first music video Stressed Out! 

Rock'n the Fro !!!!

Won at a Goodwill Auction Yesterday....Can't wait to remodel..stay tune for pics!

 Update:I am now happy to say since joining several Facebook groups I have made many great doll collecting friends...  I do hope to meet many of them.. as I began to travel to doll shows.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

American Girl Sale!

I love the AG accessories but, I feel many of them are over priced. Patience is a virtue.....the cello set I wanted is now on sale for $18. To catch the best online deals, I check the sites early in the morning a few times a day.
Here is the link .

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Win a Monster High Doll! Froggy Stuff Falling Out!!!!!

  I recently entered a contest sponsored by the infamous Froggy Stuff. She is one of my doll craft idols, and so many of us enjoy her creativeness. I was taken aback after reading some of the horrific comments directed to her from angry kids, teens and adults when she ran her last photo contest. I love the fact that Froggy Stuff is kind enough to give away her dolls. This giveaway was unlike any other. She was giving away 26 Monster High Dolls that where unopen! So, people all over the country/world were freaking out! Kids, Teens and Adults flooded her blog and Facebook page eagerly asking questions about contest rules, and when the  winners would be announced.  I thought quietly to myself, gosh if I could only get one fourth of a following, I'd be in happy. I'm no Froggy Stuff, but I'm pretty crafty myself (lol). So In response to all the madness I decided to hold my own Lil Monster High Giveaway.

 Note: I will not be giving away 26 dolls, but I will give away 2 NIB dolls.
 Contest Rules: Contest only open to US Citizens (Sorry)
  1. Subscribe to my blog (follow by email)
  2. Post a response/comment to my weekly blog post... starting this week.
  • Week ends on Sunday at 11:59 pm.
  • I will simply put all  emails that subscribed and commented(weekly) in a hat and pull two winners.
  • Contest ends 8-1-14 so you have Plenty of time to enter

SO.... there is no picture contest to fight about...well at least not yet..
I'd love to do a contest, but well, first we have to have contestants.. so make sure you check out my projects I post, and leave a comment and subscribe so you get contest info! (held a contest before and had no entries).

Don't forget... we all have to learn that we will not always win. You only loose when you give up in life.....please do not get discouraged if you are not selected for any competition.. keep trying, and do your best! Someone will eventually recognize your hard work and effort. Lastly, if there is something you do not agree with there is a polite way to say it, don't be rude.

Remember  your never to old to play with dolls!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Happy Birthday to Meeee! My Visit to the American Girl Store

Beach Cabanna Lights up,and is only available in stores!
This year I decided to celebrate my birthday for the entire year. This has got to be the coolest idea I have come up with yet. So for the fourth week of May, I decided to vist the American Girl store in Houston, Tx. We visited the bistro, which I must tell you is beautifully decorated in pinks, black and white( my favorite colors). FYI please remember to RSVP or you will NOT get to eat that day! I also decided to get a personal shopper for this visit because I had a few guest with me that I wanted to introduce the hobby to. Thank you, Ms La Wren and Kennedy! The personal shopper did an excellent job of introducing the girls to the main historical characters and answering any questions. We had time to take pictures and she welcomed the girls to touch any of the dolls. Since I already knew what I was there for.... Cecile!!! I thought this trip would be simple and easy but, I found myself being drawn in by the many accessories and beautiful outfis for the dolls. Myself and Kennedy decided to stay and do arts and crafts, which I think was very fun, because it was a needlepoint activity which many young people know nothing about today. The arts and crafts table was very crowded and full of energy! My advice would be to arrive early! I am in awe of the beach cabanna and how the beautiful bright colors are on brown skin! My next purchase is my first Inner Star doll and the beach cabanna.. I also want a cello and a bike and a trundle bed lol. Yes I felt just like a kid in a candy store. Over all I would rate this visit about a 7 out of 10. Special thanks to Nancy Vigil my personal shopper!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Its Spring Again!

Stacey and my niece La'Wren

Me and Stacey!
  I hope everyone had a Happy Easter. For many years Easter was a sad time for myself, because it often stirs memories of my mother. It was always tradition that we of course, attend church and recite our Easter speeches. The last Easter with my mom, I was fortunate enough to direct our churche's Easter program at the tender age of 13. It was my hope that my mother would be able to come out and see what I had put together! I remember asking her would she be coming, and she said... No.. she wasn't feeling so well. Although sad, I knew that mom must have been very sick. Unfortunately for my mom, it was her last Easter with us, she died at the the end of April 1990. That unfortunately is my most vivid memory of Easter untill this past weekend. This past weekend, unexpectedly, I was able to go to Houston and meet Stacey Mcbride-Irby of the One World Doll Project! I was also fortunate enough to be accompanied by my little niece, who loves dolls as well.I arrived about an hour early, so I would not have to wait in line to long. I was able to spend sometime talking to others who where part of the NEW company as they where setting up the booth. They where very polite and easy going people. The Houston, Texas Gulfgate HEB hosted the event. I was able to purchase two dolls at a very good price $14.99 each( they sell for $24.95 each on the site) and moste importantly, I was able to purchase the Cynthia Bailey doll( one of my favorite models) directly from them and get it signed! To me that was my highlight! Me being the impatient person that I am, decided not to wait for a fresh mint doll in the mail from the company and instead opted for the" Its been handled by very important people doll" lol! This Easter was certainly special,as I tried to express to Stacey the significance of her work with Mattel. As a kid, I had many Barbies, but they where all white. I did not like the CHIRSTIE Barbie. It wasn't untill SIS Barbie was released, that I felt a desire to collect Barbie at all! Minus a Byron Lars that was gifted to me for my 29th Bday, SIS Chandra and the crew are my favorite black Barbies! I think Stacey did a wonderful job of showing our diverstiy with the SIS Barbie. I am excited about the Prettie Girls Dolls because, I think we will see even more diversty and creativness from this designer. I am even more excited that the company is located in Houston TX!!! I'm hoping this means more special events for doll fanatics like myself! Thank you Stacey and staff for making this Easter a EGGGCiting one for me! Each doll has a diffrent style and pesonality, so finding a doll to gift to someone, should be lots of fun. Lena is alot like me so I purchased her! I will be going back to get Valiencia for myself she is goregeous! Please check out the to find out more about each doll and look for the new dolls to be released soon!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Doll Collecting 101

If you plan to be in or near Austin,Tx this summer,consider signing up for my summer class on Modern Doll Collecting. This class is ideal for both young and old collectors! Sign Up Here!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Doll Giveaway!

In honor of my father who allowed me to purchase as many dolls as my heart desired.. I am giving away 1 new SIS Barbie this month! To enter for your chance to win you must: 1.subscribe to my blog and leave a comment and share my facebook page called Black Butterflies with 10 friends 3. Leave a Facebook post that says you entered the contest. Instructions on how to enter are on the Facebook so check it out! This makes a great Easter Basket stuffer or great for repainting projects! Contest open from March 1, 2014- March 29, 2014. Drawing will be held and winner announced on April 4, 2014! GOOD LUCK!

New Beginnings

Artist Lorrie Payne with Actress Alfre Woodeard

I am very excited about the new year. I have been very active with an organization I hope to travel with this year to Africa. This is also a transitioning time for me. I am doing alot of praying and preparing for what God has in store for me in the coming months. I purchased an OOAK from an artist that I love, this week. I wanted to share this doll because to me it represented darkness, sadness as well as, happiness and light... bright lights. This sculpture/mixed media piece will be one of my last purchases I make until I relocate. I chose something that was bright cheerful and beautiful enough to curb my desire for a new doll for a while. Please check out this awesome artist... follow her on Facebook and add one of her awesome pieces to your collection ... you will be happy you did! Check Her Out!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Collecting OOAK Dolls by African American Artist

A few years ago when I almost lost my fire for doll collecting(2011). I discovered a doll artist named Tanya Monegut. I loved the sassy hair, the boots..... I had to have one. I felt the dolls where so much like me. It took me months, but I tracked the artist down and then started communicatine with her via email. At the time she did not have any pieces avaliable... I lost track and it took me another year and
half before I was able to track her down again on 3 years later I have finally found and purchased a doll from this wonderful artist. I must tell you she is nothing short of awesome. The work and craftsman ship is over and beyond..... I love my new couple, but have not decided on any names yet. Any suggestions?

Thursday, January 30, 2014


Heart4Heart Dolls
Lauryce From New Orleans, LA
A Little Creole Girl who survived Hurricane Katrina
My Doc McStuffins Collection is growing lol!
 I went to the Disney Store and found the doll on the lower right for $20 , She talks and sings!
 The Mc Stuffins Family was found exclusivly at TRU for $29.99
I hope the year has started off great for everyone. I have been very busy with work, but trying hard to complete the many dolly projects I'm working on. I wanted to share some new additions to my collection. Remember, always buy what you like! I missed out on a doll yesturday ( Norman Rockwells Wilma) SO I am recovering from that. Hope you enjoy my new dolls! More updates on projects are coming soon!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Chandra and Darius' Engagement Photos

Exclusive  Behind the Scenes  Photos
Chandra Stuns in an opulant,white,strapless gown.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year...New You!

Happy New Year!
Sorry It's been a while since I've posted, but I wanted to make sure I started the year off right.
After my father passed in Sept, I needed some time to regroup. Please stop by to see our new projects and finally my new American Girl Blog!
Dont forget to set goals short and long term.
1. Blog weekly..get more subscribers
2. Finish children's book
3. Market and sell products
4. Attend more doll shows
5. Start a doll club

Coming this year..
How doll therapy can help you deal with loss.
How doll therapy can help you accomplish career and personal goals.
How to create a functioning doll room.
Scaling down a doll collection.
and of course much more doll projects and fun..