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Its Spring Again!


  I hope everyone had a Happy Easter. For many years Easter was a sad time for myself, because it often stirs memories of my mother. It was always tradition that we of course, attend church and recite our Easter speeches. The last Easter with my mom, I was fortunate enough to direct our churche's Easter program at the tender age of 13. It was my hope that my mother would be able to come out and see what I had put together! I remember asking her would she be coming, and she said... No.. she wasn't feeling so well. Although sad, I knew that mom must have been very sick. Unfortunately for my mom, it was her last Easter with us, she died at the the end of April 1990. That unfortunately is my most vivid memory of Easter untill this past weekend. This past weekend, unexpectedly, I was able to go to Houston and meet Stacey Mcbride-Irby of the One World Doll Project! I was also fortunate enough to be accompanied by my little niece, who loves dolls as well.I arrived about an hour early, so I would not have to wait in line to long. I was able to spend sometime talking to others who where part of the NEW company as they where setting up the booth. They where very polite and easy going people. The Houston, Texas Gulfgate HEB hosted the event. I was able to purchase two dolls at a very good price $14.99 each( they sell for $24.95 each on the site) and moste importantly, I was able to purchase the Cynthia Bailey doll( one of my favorite models) directly from them and get it signed! To me that was my highlight! Me being the impatient person that I am, decided not to wait for a fresh mint doll in the mail from the company and instead opted for the" Its been handled by very important people doll" lol! This Easter was certainly special,as I tried to express to Stacey the significance of her work with Mattel. As a kid, I had many Barbies, but they where all white. I did not like the CHIRSTIE Barbie. It wasn't untill SIS Barbie was released, that I felt a desire to collect Barbie at all! Minus a Byron Lars that was gifted to me for my 29th Bday, SIS Chandra and the crew are my favorite black Barbies! I think Stacey did a wonderful job of showing our diverstiy with the SIS Barbie. I am excited about the Prettie Girls Dolls because, I think we will see even more diversty and creativness from this designer. I am even more excited that the company is located in Houston TX!!! I'm hoping this means more special events for doll fanatics like myself! Thank you Stacey and staff for making this Easter a EGGGCiting one for me! Each doll has a diffrent style and pesonality, so finding a doll to gift to someone, should be lots of fun. Lena is alot like me so I purchased her! I will be going back to get Valiencia for myself she is goregeous! Please check out the to find out more about each doll and look for the new dolls to be released soon!


  1. I am glad you were able to meet Stacey McBride-Irby, purchase dolls, and have her sign them. I hope this proves to be an Easter of renewed pleasant memories. I am sure this will be a wonderful memory for your adorable.

    I enjoyed viewing your pictures.


  2. Thanks so much! It certainly was a wonderful experience!


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