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Playing with Dolls as therapy?

The wall is actually wallpaper that looks like bricks

                                   The aprons, actually  napkins with ribbon hot glued to them

                       All the desserts where made by using sculpting clay and a You Tube tutorial

                                                Carmel and Strawberry Frappuccinos

                   I made the Frappuccino machine from scrap galvanized tin that I folded and attached black  electrical tape and foam  for the lid

                        Again scrap tin, a marker and index card create the coolest menu board

                                        A straw recycles as a rail on the counter top

            I cut out the Starbucks logo and glued it to a piece of  folded galvanized tin to create the counter top

              Chocolate brownies with pecans and a Strawberry Frap hot glued to a Scrabble square

            Some of the girls.. Chloe, Liz and Tanzania

For the past two weeks I have b…

Welcome Everyone!!

I used an epoxy to adhere the tin and wood A cut out of a window with real dried flowers hangingA pie cabinet with a sweet potato pieI want to welcome everyone to my Doll Party. This is the place were we hang out and I get to share my doll collection and projects. Today, I'm posting pics of an American Girl Cabin for Addy, I made a few weeks ago. I used an old dresser, wallpaper that looked like aged wood,galvanized tin and furniture purchased from Hobby Lobby.I made the sweet potato pie, farm eggs and watermelon all by myself