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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

American Girl Sale!

I love the AG accessories but, I feel many of them are over priced. Patience is a virtue.....the cello set I wanted is now on sale for $18. To catch the best online deals, I check the sites early in the morning a few times a day.
Here is the link .

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Win a Monster High Doll! Froggy Stuff Falling Out!!!!!

  I recently entered a contest sponsored by the infamous Froggy Stuff. She is one of my doll craft idols, and so many of us enjoy her creativeness. I was taken aback after reading some of the horrific comments directed to her from angry kids, teens and adults when she ran her last photo contest. I love the fact that Froggy Stuff is kind enough to give away her dolls. This giveaway was unlike any other. She was giving away 26 Monster High Dolls that where unopen! So, people all over the country/world were freaking out! Kids, Teens and Adults flooded her blog and Facebook page eagerly asking questions about contest rules, and when the  winners would be announced.  I thought quietly to myself, gosh if I could only get one fourth of a following, I'd be in happy. I'm no Froggy Stuff, but I'm pretty crafty myself (lol). So In response to all the madness I decided to hold my own Lil Monster High Giveaway.

 Note: I will not be giving away 26 dolls, but I will give away 2 NIB dolls.
 Contest Rules: Contest only open to US Citizens (Sorry)
  1. Subscribe to my blog (follow by email)
  2. Post a response/comment to my weekly blog post... starting this week.
  • Week ends on Sunday at 11:59 pm.
  • I will simply put all  emails that subscribed and commented(weekly) in a hat and pull two winners.
  • Contest ends 8-1-14 so you have Plenty of time to enter

SO.... there is no picture contest to fight about...well at least not yet..
I'd love to do a contest, but well, first we have to have contestants.. so make sure you check out my projects I post, and leave a comment and subscribe so you get contest info! (held a contest before and had no entries).

Don't forget... we all have to learn that we will not always win. You only loose when you give up in life.....please do not get discouraged if you are not selected for any competition.. keep trying, and do your best! Someone will eventually recognize your hard work and effort. Lastly, if there is something you do not agree with there is a polite way to say it, don't be rude.

Remember  your never to old to play with dolls!