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Another Year, Another Doll: My top 5 Doll Purchases of 2017

As we get ready to say goodbye to 2017, we should spend sometime reflecting on life and setting new goals for 2018. This year was a great year for me spiritually, personally, career wise and of course I acquired some wonderful dolls.  With the year winding down.. I spent some time purchasing some must haves for my collection and thought Id share my top 5 doll purchases of 2017!!!

#5  Tales from the Hood OOAK Zombie Dolls
 Please check out my September Blog on how I acquired these awesome handmade dolls! I purchased them for $100. Not bad!

#4  Antique Reproduction Jumena Doll
 I acquired this beauty for less than $50 via Ebay..  I found out about her historical significance by attending the online  Antique Doll Show Hosted by Ruby Lane Dolls in November of 2017
Isn't she gorgeous? She stands about 20 inches tall.  I learned a lot about these very sought after dolls from the Ruby Lane Doll Show.

I was even given this custom certificate for participating in the online doll show.