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O.....a little something to inspire you

Need I say more...The coolest doll houses Ive ever very modern.. the other a doll boathouse...Yes  Yes I am inspired in the play world and the real world....Which one do you like?
This pic was snatched from Pinterest, my favorite place to get inspiration. I do not know the designer but there is a that was tagged on the pic.

Getting back to business

Time to put on our thinking caps...I want to encourage everyone to revisit their goals and dreams this week...Take some time to lay everything out and look at whats doable....Thats where I am personally..Im ready to make my list and scartch off projects that have been completed....So as you can see Chandras headed out the door shes ready to get her day started!

Its not Over

Taking sometime for some much needed doll therapy.I created a cool diy room for the girls. A fun, funky, bedroom full of color, prints and her favorite things.