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Reflecting Back......

As the end of year closes in, we are preparing for the holidays. We have attempted 3 times to put our tree up but, somethings always missing or burnt out, so we must stop. I am convinced, once we finally get the lights on and decorations... it will in fact, be the prettiest tree we ever had. Last year, I was very happy with everything and did a small photo shoot for my first Ethnic Hair makeover ( see pictures below). This is really a special time for me.. because last year during this time I discovered a love for Fashion Doll Collecting.

                       Check Out this video of  fashion doll accessories  created by Louis Vuitton

  I thought I had hit a brick wall with doll collecting and had not  purchased a doll in months. I just didn't seem to see anything, anywhere that excited me .. until I discovered this site  This was much bigger than Barbie.. names like Poppy Parker, Jason Wu. . I  Immediately felt at home for the fir…

Sometimes You Have To Just Jump

After hearing back from the Univeristy of Texas about the acceptance of my informatl class, I looked at it as a sign to go ahead and move forward!!! My goals are to have my first Winter Workshop this year 2012/2013 and promote my tea parties and worshops once a month!!! My new website is up, so check me out at!!  I faithfully lauched my company this month called Dolls, Art and Education. Its a fun site, full of dolls, polls, shopping and information on registering for workshops here in Austin,TX or scheduling a doll party in your area!

Eco Shopping on Black Friday...

After the smoke cleared about 10 am..I set out to one of my secret designer spots and found some deals at 50 percent off .I found this chair that will be upcyycled for Addy....Then I went across town to meet up with a lady who was selling part of a relatives collection..Addys limited ed. Stilt suit..15 bucks..and school desk 50 BUCKS...I feel good when ever I can score a sweet deal..Stay tunend to see that psychodelic ol' chair become a nice period piece for Addy or any other American Girl Doll.