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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Reflecting Back......

This photo is from the Integrity Doll Website, Isn't She Beautiful !
   As the end of year closes in, we are preparing for the holidays. We have attempted 3 times to put our tree up but, somethings always missing or burnt out, so we must stop. I am convinced, once we finally get the lights on and decorations... it will in fact, be the prettiest tree we ever had. Last year, I was very happy with everything and did a small photo shoot for my first Ethnic Hair makeover ( see pictures below). This is really a special time for me.. because last year during this time I discovered a love for Fashion Doll Collecting.

                       Check Out this video of  fashion doll accessories  created by Louis Vuitton

  I thought I had hit a brick wall with doll collecting and had not  purchased a doll in months. I just didn't seem to see anything, anywhere that excited me .. until I discovered this site This was much bigger than Barbie.. names like Poppy Parker, Jason Wu. . I  Immediately felt at home for the first time in a long time. Here I could gather with other adults who had  the same desire as myself.. to own  these very  pretty dolls however, these hardcore collectors took things a little further....they played with their dolls and... they even redressed them!!!
  Here I found a place of luxury and was able to reconnect with some of my desires and dreams as a young person. I soon found myself cutting, gluing,taping and painting objects around the house... needless to say my family thought I had lost it.. They had never seen me like this before.. I was focused and determined to turn cardboard boxes into furniture pieces and scrap fabric into designer clothing, but really there was something else going on... I was reconnecting with myself and visualizing myself doing what I really wanted to do.
  This is how Doll Therapy was born. A very trying time for myself professionally and personally ,as I began to transition in my career and personally.  I plan to share some pictures of projects I completed earlier this year, and of course some current projects. For the month of December, I plan to launch my first contest! So stop by again, and make sure you share our blog!

24 in Bratz with pipe cleaner curls
( my first hair make over using pipe cleaners)

After curls  are fluffed out, and she's Jazzed up! 

Christmas Shopping at one of her favorite shops

I created these handmade purses inspired by Louis Vuitton

Handmade perfume bottles and gift bags!



  1. Thank you for the link to! I never knew there was a world of doll collectors out there. I'm excited to find more sites like that.
    Also, looking forward to your December contest. I'm a newbie at restoring or reclothing dolls or making dioramas, but I would love to show off my modest skills and learn new techniques!

    1. THANKS FOR VISITING MY BLOG! I love your energy and desire to try something new!!Yes, there is a secret world of doll collectors..its a fun and very addictive hobby.You will meet people from all over the world,ages and yes, gender...( there is a big population of male doll collectors).Welcome and please subscribe and check back for contest and giveaways!