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Finally got my hands on this guy ...I've been wanting to introduce the gils to him for a Yeah I noticed his shirt says Cheer can do! He is goin in for a quick makeover before the rest of the gang meets him!

Displaying your Dolls

Doll collectors often struggle with the delima of finding ways to display there collection...Most of us start out with a simple curio cabinet or book shelf,if your lucky you may be blessed with a doll room at some point. One might think they will no longer have to worry about space at this point...but I can tell you from personal experience, my doll room is over flowing..So I would like to share some of my ideas for displaying dolls creativly. I found a broken shelf at a little antique shop for a dollar..after soaking it in bleach water for a day or two, I added bright colorful cardstock to the back walls..and bright color ribbon along the trim, added a hanging hook on back so that you can it  hang on wall. Its that simple a cool way to display your Lalapaloosys...You can create mini dioramas and change the cardstock as you like.

Love n Lalapaloosys!

I've had my eye on Lalapaloosys since they hit the store shelves,but I am learning patience and timing..This week, I went to one of my secret spots and found a bag of them plus accessories..After sanitizing them, I created a few cool vinettes...I went shopping today and found an awesome piece to display look for a tutorial on it soon!