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Wheres the Love for Luvabella?

The hottest doll for Christmas 2017 hands down has been Luvabella. You've seen the YouTube videos and the craze around the world for the first of its kind animated doll. What is your take on the doll? Please share what you like and dislike about Luvebella. If you haven't purchased her yet...why not? On a scale of 1-10. I give her an 8 because I am blown away by what this doll can do. I am not so crazy about her hair or cheap looking clothing. I think this doll has much more potential for improvement or it be lots of fun to continue customizing her as some of my fellow doll collectors have decided to do. Take a look at me and my first encounter with baby Carter Luvabella!

Christmas and Kwanzaa Crafting with Dolls.

Using Recycled Christmas Ornaments You can Create a Floating Doll Centerpiece
 Ok so this is a late post but, you still have time to create and enjoy a fun centerpiece using your doll collection.  Since Kwanzaa has already kicked off you have even more reason to create your own fun centerpiece for tables, tea parties or as gifts. Using a glue gun, hot glue, coat hangers, ornaments, embellishments and plate chargers, I created  bright and colorful floating doll centerpieces. Drop your thoughts below and subscribe for more great projects! Happy Kwanzaa!

                                                           The History of Kwanzaa

                                                               Floating Center Pieces

Instructions for a Floating Center Pieces

Is it Time to Stop Supporting American Girl:Is Mattel Ignoring Little Black Girls?

I guess the question is, why am I so mad. The GOTY 2018 girl was leaked months ago all over social media and still after seeing the reveal the other day on GMA I  felt some kind of way. I had to examine why I was angry when I saw Luciana come out of the sky in an astronaut uniform as little black girls cheered her on, bright eyed and bushy tailed.  I could literally feel steam coming from my nose. It was because American Girl took me back to a dark space, a space I had been before as a young black girl growing up in the 80s. This was a space where diversity was limited and the idea of a little black girl even being in a story book was  just a dream. In fact,  I do not recall any story book from childhood to our reading list in  high school that included a little black girl. I only remember Huck Fin and To  Kill a Mockingbird. No stories of black princess, and certainly of  little black girls.

 In 1993, American Girl released Addy Walker  and not only did little black girls now have …