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When Life Gives You Lemons ....Play With Dolls

I can't remember exactly when I decided I was gonna take my dolls out of the box/curio cabinets and start redressing them, but I do remember when I decided I would start collecting and playing with Fashion dolls.  It was the winter of 2012.... I was unemployed and bored to death.. I needed something to get my mind off things that where stressing me.... I discovered a website calledDoll Observers  and my life kinda changed.... for the better although...  It has created a hoarding situation..... I look forward to the day  the clouds clear.. and they will eventually clear... until then I'll play and create my vision of happiness through doll play..... I hope you do the same!

Here is the current project I am working on.... along with my newly deboxedCynthia Bailey... Staring in her first music video Stressed Out!

Update:I am now happy to say since joining several Facebook groups I have made many great doll collecting friends...  I do hope to meet many of them.. as I began to trav…