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How Black Dolls Help Develop Self Esteem and The Black Doll Test

Most of you know about the  Black Doll Test(click on the phrase to learn more). It was used to gage  how children felt about race. In this study you are able to see Black children and how they felt about themselves. If we have not learned anything from that study  we hopefully learned the importance of providing positive words and environments for children of color to play. Most importantly, I think we learned  the role that Black dolls can play in a child's life and how they grow to feel about themselves.
 I recently helped to support a Kickstarter campaign to produce a doll that not only is beautiful but provides positive words to encourage children's self esteem development. The doll recites 20 positive phrases to help reinforce their self esteem.
The first doll in the Brains and Beauty Collection is Malia, She is a beautiful 18in doll that gives American Girl a run for their money.  Check out the features and tell me  if you agree. With a wonderful price tag of $85 and wi…
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Luciana Vega Give A Way Winner and a Trip to the American Girl Store

I hope  you had a chance to experience Luciana first hand January 1st in American Girl Stores. The weather kept a lot of fans at home. Me being the curious one and always wanting to experience the AG madness I trekked my way out in 30 degree weather and picked up a few goodies for myself.
Whenever AG does a doll release they give out the coolest items in the store... Luciana Vegas debut was no different. I was able to snag a very cool tee and a few Phases of the Moon Trackers.

Any of the items will become instant "to haves" for the collection because they where only given out that day. I decided to do a Give A Way since many of our American Girl Addy Fans were note able to get out and get one.....  I think the poster would be cool to laminated and display with your doll. I promised a video response this evening/night  announcing the winner... Check it out below.
                                                  Drum Roll Please.............................................…

Wheres the Love for Luvabella?

The hottest doll for Christmas 2017 hands down has been Luvabella. You've seen the YouTube videos and the craze around the world for the first of its kind animated doll. What is your take on the doll? Please share what you like and dislike about Luvebella. If you haven't purchased her yet...why not? On a scale of 1-10. I give her an 8 because I am blown away by what this doll can do. I am not so crazy about her hair or cheap looking clothing. I think this doll has much more potential for improvement or it be lots of fun to continue customizing her as some of my fellow doll collectors have decided to do. Take a look at me and my first encounter with baby Carter Luvabella!

Christmas and Kwanzaa Crafting with Dolls.

Using Recycled Christmas Ornaments You can Create a Floating Doll Centerpiece
 Ok so this is a late post but, you still have time to create and enjoy a fun centerpiece using your doll collection.  Since Kwanzaa has already kicked off you have even more reason to create your own fun centerpiece for tables, tea parties or as gifts. Using a glue gun, hot glue, coat hangers, ornaments, embellishments and plate chargers, I created  bright and colorful floating doll centerpieces. Drop your thoughts below and subscribe for more great projects! Happy Kwanzaa!

                                                           The History of Kwanzaa

                                                               Floating Center Pieces

Instructions for a Floating Center Pieces

Is it Time to Stop Supporting American Girl:Is Mattel Ignoring Little Black Girls?

I guess the question is, why am I so mad. The GOTY 2018 girl was leaked months ago all over social media and still after seeing the reveal the other day on GMA I  felt some kind of way. I had to examine why I was angry when I saw Luciana come out of the sky in an astronaut uniform as little black girls cheered her on, bright eyed and bushy tailed.  I could literally feel steam coming from my nose. It was because American Girl took me back to a dark space, a space I had been before as a young black girl growing up in the 80s. This was a space where diversity was limited and the idea of a little black girl even being in a story book was  just a dream. In fact,  I do not recall any story book from childhood to our reading list in  high school that included a little black girl. I only remember Huck Fin and To  Kill a Mockingbird. No stories of black princess, and certainly of  little black girls.

 In 1993, American Girl released Addy Walker  and not only did little black girls now have …

Another Year, Another Doll: My top 5 Doll Purchases of 2017

As we get ready to say goodbye to 2017, we should spend sometime reflecting on life and setting new goals for 2018. This year was a great year for me spiritually, personally, career wise and of course I acquired some wonderful dolls.  With the year winding down.. I spent some time purchasing some must haves for my collection and thought Id share my top 5 doll purchases of 2017!!!

#5  Tales from the Hood OOAK Zombie Dolls
 Please check out my September Blog on how I acquired these awesome handmade dolls! I purchased them for $100. Not bad!

#4  Antique Reproduction Jumena Doll
 I acquired this beauty for less than $50 via Ebay..  I found out about her historical significance by attending the online  Antique Doll Show Hosted by Ruby Lane Dolls in November of 2017
Isn't she gorgeous? She stands about 20 inches tall.  I learned a lot about these very sought after dolls from the Ruby Lane Doll Show.

I was even given this custom certificate for participating in the online doll show.


The Truth About Addy Retiring

When was the last time you went into an AG store? Did you notice anyone missing? Maybe not... yet . For the past two years, there have been very strong talk  about Addy retiring.. Some of the claims even coming from those who work for AG. Those of us who love Addy have been living on pins and needles for the past two years.. watching her slowly disappear from the catalog and wondering are they telling us the truth. A petition was even created and signed by many of us who feel Addy's story is a necessary part of American History. Well about a month ago. I was able to get some inside information about Addy and if and when she is retiring ..  and of course I feel I should share it with you all... 
 Well the key word is retire. Everytime I call  AG and ask them if Addy is going to be retired, they tell me NO. That appeases  me for a little bit then a few months later we hear another rumor. 
 This is what I learned.... American Girl does not typically retire a doll what they do is archi…