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Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Truth About Addy Retiring

 When was the last time you went into an AG store? Did you notice anyone missing? Maybe not... yet . For the past two years, there have been very strong talk  about Addy retiring.. Some of the claims even coming from those who work for AG. Those of us who love Addy have been living on pins and needles for the past two years.. watching her slowly disappear from the catalog and wondering are they telling us the truth. A petition was even created and signed by many of us who feel Addy's story is a necessary part of American History. Well about a month ago. I was able to get some inside information about Addy and if and when she is retiring ..  and of course I feel I should share it with you all... 
 Well the key word is retire. Everytime I call  AG and ask them if Addy is going to be retired, they tell me NO. That appeases  me for a little bit then a few months later we hear another rumor. 
 This is what I learned.... American Girl does not typically retire a doll what they do is archive a wording is important when asking a question.  That means they can take the doll off the shelf and not sell or produce her ..but they always have the option of bringing her back. We recently saw this with Samantha. BUT DOESN"T RETIRING MEAN YOU STILL HAVE AN OPTION TO COME OUT OF RETIREMENT?
 As far as Addy is concerned, the plan is to only sell her now in the Flagship stores ONLY.. ( the big stores that where first opened.. Chicago, New  York  .. I think there are only 5 Flagship stores). This means you will not be able to walk into an AG store in Houston and find Addy on the shelf .. you will have to order her via catalog or go to a Flagship store...
With that being said.. I'm not happy  at all.  How can a doll sell if she is not available or on the shelf. How can a doll sell if they are not marketing and adding to her accessory line. From my understanding the BEforever line does not sell as much as the Truly Me dolls. It could be... Many of us will always  have a love for Addy and items from the original dolls... simply because their is a direct connection to our childhood growing up. So, my advice would be to continue to add to your collection before we wake up and she is archived.... and items are then very expensive. 
 I  hope I was able to clarify somethings concerning Addy retiring. More importantly, I hope you  have a better understanding next time you walk into an AG store and she is not there!  Keep supporting Addy and join our Facebook Group, American Girl Addy Collectors.

Addy in Kits Chicken Keeping Outfit

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


This morning marks a significant day for me as a professional doll collector. I think I just acquired the most  unique doll in my collection. I noticed the dolls about a month ago while researching voodoo dolls on Ebay. Since learning I am a descendant from the Benin  and Togo area of Africa I have  been researching about their religion and trying to understand it more. I have also learned that my line of work has exposed me to homes where families may openly practice Voodoo or Santeria..
 Much to my surprise,e I came across this very creepy yet, familiar looking doll set. At first I could not put my finger on it but, after reading the caption .. I quickly remember  this 90s Horror flick that eventually became a  Urban Hit and today.. considered a horror classic.. produced by non other than Spike Lee the 90s horror flick TALES FROM THE HOOD... WAS A CREEPY RENDITION OF TALES FROM THE CREEP..
 And Me, Yes Me,  I  have just acquired this awesome doll set!  I was so luck to run across an OOAK set of slave Voodoo dolls from the popular film.
 I watched this listing for a month,  and thought about how I could integrate it into my collection of black dolls. I have so many plans to exhibit these dolls and revisit this horror classic with old friends and young people who may have never seen the film. Take a look at the clip from the classic scene and then a look at my expected dolls. Please let me know what you think about  the artists likeliness of the dolls.  As we quickly approach Halloween.. this is an excellent horror film that explores, politics, police brutality, domestic violence and history..  look for Tales from the Hood on Film at Amazon!
 If you have Amazon Prime You can watch free on Starz!

                                                          The Slave Voodoo Dolls


Tales From the Hood

Watch the Slave Dolls Visit the Racist Politician

My Dolls

Monday, September 11, 2017

Addy Walker visits the Evergreen Plantation

On a chilly  Tuesday morning at 3 am,  our family gased up our SUV and headed towards Louisiana  from Houston, TX. Addy accompanied me for what would be her first official road trip and the beginning of new adventures for her and I. Back home, or shall I say in cyberspace awaited about 80 adult collectors who where eager to see where Addy was headed. After 8 hours of swamps and bridges high enough to make you think you where flying, we arrived safely in NOLA. Our first destination being the Everygreen Plantation in NOLA. Recognized as  the most intact slave plantation in the south and the site where many scenes from the movie Django where filmed. We where more than excited to arrive. Its important to note that, everyone in the car was either a  fan of  the movie or a die hard history buff .We anticipated this would be a very fun road trip.
We arrived in NOLA about 9 am.. Traveled about ten minutes out from the plantation and found a small Cajun restaurant and decided we would try some gumbo, before the tour started at 11 am. Then we would have adequate time to check into our rooms at the Historic Street Car Inn.
  Upon arrival at the plantation, we enjoyed the artifacts at the information building and chatting with the staff.
  The Evergreen Plantation is known for its sugarcane and to this day, still a working plantation.. Many movies have been filmed there, and at the time they where filming the remake of Roots. The plantation tour is about 2 hours long. It was a guided tour with guides who are native to the area and have very deep roots and ties to the land. We where able to take photos throughout the grounds but not inside the home because it was currently a movie set.  Inside the home, we lavished at the simple elegance of the d├ęcor and  where amused by the stories.  We first toured the area of the slave owners.. reliving their day to day life and then of course, saved the most intriguing for last. We eagerly walked through the gate that stood as a reminder of separation from two different people and two different worlds. Inside the gates there was an instant feeling of heaviness. We could feel it under the large oak trees that framed the path so perfectly.  Please look at the 22 slave cabins lined up, identical, preserved and still standing. People walked around in awe. This was without a doubt the attraction of the entire plantation and tour. There was a quietness as people moved around slowly  taking in every visual detail of how African Americans lived  during slavery.
I would certainly say this was a very educational and enjoyable tour. Along side getting a chance to experience NOLA ... its food, people and culture, I can say we will be returning!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Addy visits Corpus Christi Texas

At the time I started this post It was summer and weather was perfect. Since then I have been very busy but, wanted to share and document Addy's visit.

  Nothing is more relaxing than finding a space that you enjoy and taking time to just relax. For me being around water does just that. I also enjoy photographing my dolls. Addy is a perfect model and the photos always seem to be effortless. Here she is at her first summer photo shoot at  Emerald Beach. For exclusive pictures of her photoshoot click here. Emerald Beach is located in Corpus Christi, Texas. She is modeling Julies swimsuit in a bright yellow. You can tell Addy really had a great time reflecting and relaxing. Do you have a special place or hobby that helps you relax? A short weekend trip can do wonders.
During our short weekend trip to Corpus we  enjoyed the peacefulness of the beach, and the people of Corpus. In the past two weeks Corpus Christi was hit very hard by Hurricane Harvey. There are large clean up efforts in the coastal area going on currently. We are hoping that the area can recover and people can start enjoying the beaches in the areas again soon. Check out this local project that helps keep the beaches clean.
Help Volunteer to Clean Up Corpus Christi

Sunday, September 4, 2016

  A day at Zilker Botanical Garden with Kendall and my dear friend who worked as my photo assistant.. before she took over the photo shoot! We started at her beautiful house that is full of ethnic and cultural artifacts from all over the world. Then we headed out for a hike with our cameras and Kendall. Zilker Botanical Garden is full of Asian inspired gardens and a beautiful Zen Garden. My friend  who came to walk was soon bitten by the doll bug and was very active in getting the perfect shot. She did great until she got a little to bold towards the end and Kendall collapsed head first in a murky mini tank full of minnows and algae. After gasping, and my heart palpitating I regrouped and we headed out. This park is located within Zilker Park in Austin Tx! Today was beautiful and the garden was full! I think we got a lot of great photos take a look and tell me which is your favorite shot!

No Spa? No Problem: The benifits of doing doll Laundry

 After a long hot photoshoot with Kendall from AG, I did a hand wash on her clothing and a bubble bath on her body! I used a  gentle shampoo and conditioner. NOTE: I didn't dare take her hair down. Afterwards, she was sent outside to dry flat on a fluffy towel!  I used Purex Brand wash booster to make her dolly clothing smell super sweet and fresh! I will be doing a light iron on her tee and skirt!  Many collectors spend lots of money on additional outfits for their dolls and would also like to keep the original clothing nice and free from odor. You can do this by caring for the doll and their clothing on a routine basis. Its important to always note care instructions and be aware of the types of laundry powder you are using on the clothing. You do not want to  pick a detergent that has a bleach or is so harsh it would fade the clothing.
 Pick one day out the month to do doll laundry. It can be very relaxing to wash, air dry, fold or hang. Lastly, put clothing into a labeled zip lock bag with a downy dryer sheet! Pick a day that you can enjoy the benefits of  ironing ... I found myself feeling very relaxed and at ease about  two weeks ago while taking my time to iron my business attire. It was at this point I thought hmmmm.. instead of ironing as I go, why not pick a day out the week (Sunday is great) and take 45 min at least and iron. 45 min, a little wine and maybe some jazz sounds real good if you cant get to a spa!  So enjoy one of the perks of being a dolly collector/parent iron your way to a more tranquil life.

Friday, September 2, 2016

American Girls at TRU

Today I struggled with priorities... In a good way. After finding out TRU would be carrying AG  just yesturday I was bent on being there to witness the craziness and purchase myself a doll. As of now they only have Wellie Wishers but  they will be getting the Truely Me dolls soon. I was so happy to find the dolls but missed the special excitement from the AG stores. Since my dolls where not even on the shelf I really felt neglected lol. I will save a special trip... a lunch for myself at the AG store to purchase Melody and her studio! I want the total experience! Looks like me and the TRU crew will become good friends..