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Kit's Tree House Progress

Progress is being made. We finished the floors and will start to work on the roof today! As you can see Hope is excited to let  all of ther friends know about the tree house dad is making for her sister Kit!

Thrift Store Treasures...

I've become somewhat of AN addict....I get a thrill from finding name brand items for a cheap price..Heres what I found last week. ..
A Journey Girls Travel set still in the package..$5...I grabbed it so quickly...just as I started checking out..I saw a nice doll closet.sitting on the floor behind the register...I asked the cashier the price and may I look at it...I thought a perfect size for my AG dolls..opened it and it was full of...AG hangers...$19.99! This is my lucky spot..Ive found 2..18 in American Girls here and the beautiful Journey Girl in the pic!

Kit's Tree House $38 bucks!

Yep thats right  $38..and $12 to ship..So yes ..we have to put it together and It doesnt have the tree.. Or roof..but....I saved about$400 ...
Ive seen these on Ebay for $400~$ stay tuned to see how I fix things up!

Dreams Do Come True...An AG Doll Room for $2.83

I am so super excited about the way my first offical AG Doll Room turned out.This project was inspired by the AG doll scences that sell for $200 and Kits treehouse.
This project was created with wood from an old book case,free wood flooring samples from Home Depot ..left over wall paper,black spray paint and crown molding that cost $2.83.OMG!!! can you believe that..
Once I decided on my colors I visioned exactly how I wanted the room.Since I saved so much money Building it ...I could splurge decorating..So first major piece the glass chandelier on sale at Hobby Lobby for $8...exactly what I visioned..Stay tuned for more pics as I began to decorate and add furniture...Hope I inspired someone today!

Victorian Spendor..American Girl Doll Room

Just a sneak peek at the dollroom that is almost complete..

Addy's Trunk and what I can do with $20 Bucks Challange

Ok guys I gave myself a challenge the other day to see what I could do with $20 worth of doll goodies I purchased from the thrift store. Here is my frist completed project..... a trunk for Addy watch the video!

 So what do you think? Not Bad for $3.00 huh.

Me an Zora

Had some fun today with my dolls. Decided to take a few pics. Zora was a lil camera shy...

What can I do with $20 Bucks

This month Ill start my 20 bucks challenge..Once a month Ill be able to buy as much as I can for my doll therapy with $20.So Ill explore thrift stores and cool secret shops to find neat accessories for my doll room.Heres what I found yesturday....Ill be making an American Girl trunk for my Addy doll with the biggest stay tuned for the video and pics...also Ill use my dolls to practice face painting!!!

Progress...My struggle to share my collection..

There have been times Ive come close to ending my doll collecting career...Out of frustration, boredom and lack of space...Ive often come close to ending it all. Today is not that day..I feel I'm making progress and maybe this will be the project to break things open for me.I simply want to share my love for collecting beautiful dolls..If your a collector do me a dolly favor and spread the word about my blog and pin pin pin away on pinterest my projects..This is a place to get inspired and a lil doll therapy...
A sneak preview of my book thats almost complete...I've been working on numerous projects and they are just about done! New ways to enjoy your collection coming soon.

O.....a little something to inspire you

Need I say more...The coolest doll houses Ive ever very modern.. the other a doll boathouse...Yes  Yes I am inspired in the play world and the real world....Which one do you like?
This pic was snatched from Pinterest, my favorite place to get inspiration. I do not know the designer but there is a that was tagged on the pic.

Getting back to business

Time to put on our thinking caps...I want to encourage everyone to revisit their goals and dreams this week...Take some time to lay everything out and look at whats doable....Thats where I am personally..Im ready to make my list and scartch off projects that have been completed....So as you can see Chandras headed out the door shes ready to get her day started!

Its not Over

Taking sometime for some much needed doll therapy.I created a cool diy room for the girls. A fun, funky, bedroom full of color, prints and her favorite things.


I:ve been busy ..deep in thought about my hobby and if I wanted to continue collecting...Had a doll therapy session this weekend...enjoy.


Last week I shoot over 50 pictures prepping for my first episode release with my dolls...needless to say it overloaded my phone and I ended up loosing tons of family pictures....and still no episode....not good.

TARIQ after the makeover...

So I've been missing n action all month Ive been very very busy...Here is Tariq's photo shoot..

SPRING CLEANING....and new friends

After attending a doll show last week, and again ,running into a very old man trying to sell off his wifes very old and musty doll collection...I am convienced I do not want to grow old and leave my beloved collection behind to someone that then feels its a burden to deal with...I will work towards clearing somethings out now...this may take a therapist indeed..
On a lighter note...I purchased my first modern Chocolate So In Style Barbie...I loooove her Black skin and features...


Finally got my hands on this guy ...I've been wanting to introduce the gils to him for a Yeah I noticed his shirt says Cheer can do! He is goin in for a quick makeover before the rest of the gang meets him!

Displaying your Dolls

Doll collectors often struggle with the delima of finding ways to display there collection...Most of us start out with a simple curio cabinet or book shelf,if your lucky you may be blessed with a doll room at some point. One might think they will no longer have to worry about space at this point...but I can tell you from personal experience, my doll room is over flowing..So I would like to share some of my ideas for displaying dolls creativly. I found a broken shelf at a little antique shop for a dollar..after soaking it in bleach water for a day or two, I added bright colorful cardstock to the back walls..and bright color ribbon along the trim, added a hanging hook on back so that you can it  hang on wall. Its that simple a cool way to display your Lalapaloosys...You can create mini dioramas and change the cardstock as you like.

Love n Lalapaloosys!

I've had my eye on Lalapaloosys since they hit the store shelves,but I am learning patience and timing..This week, I went to one of my secret spots and found a bag of them plus accessories..After sanitizing them, I created a few cool vinettes...I went shopping today and found an awesome piece to display look for a tutorial on it soon!

Hitting the Road on the Weekend

Didn't plan to shop but stopped at a thrift store and found 3 big bags of doll stuff just for $10!!....
18 in doll clothes
bag of bears
18 in working dolll washerI love a good bargin..

A Spoiled Doll Collector and Django Drama !

I could NOT pass up this super cutie at Wal Mart, yesturday...I was super happy about the price, and the dolls face...too cute..I love her Kinky Curly hair.....She's a winner!
 The only con about..EPI's Positively Perfect 18 in doll is her soft body...I was thinking..American Girl type body, so the doll could stand and sit without falling over(it would have been perfect), but..then again she..... ...Dr.Williams, did not make this doll for a grown 30 something woman( I've gotten a bit spoiled)..she made it for little girls so....It's a soft body doll..
                              This is my first official doll review and I give this beautiful doll a 9 !

Please help support African American doll artist!
Positively Perfect
                                                                          By: EPI

Django Drama My family and I are a Netflix kinda family. Every once in a while we will go out and see a movie. A few weeks ago I started hearing a buzz about the movie Dja…

Using Your Dolls to Educate

There are so many holidays approaching consider using your dolls to not only decorate but to educate about.culture and history.Chinese New Year,Black History Month,MLK Day and Valintines

Missing in Action

Wanted to give a quick tutorial on my last project and apologize for my absence.I've been busy ,but I promisecto atleast post 1 Super Sweet project a week...Deal?BasicFace Enhancment:
charchol pencils in your choice color
acrylic paint in lip color shades
paint brush
1) use charchol pencil to trace eyebrows,lashes and darken lid
2) erase lip color with alcohol and nail polish remover...mix..2/1
3) mix acrylic paints to achieve your choosen lip color
4) allow to dry
5) add acessories like stamps for tattos,headbands,jewlery