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A Spoiled Doll Collector and Django Drama !

I could NOT pass up this super cutie at Wal Mart, yesturday...I was super happy about the price, and the dolls face...too cute..I love her Kinky Curly hair.....She's a winner!
 The only con about..EPI's Positively Perfect 18 in doll is her soft body...I was thinking..American Girl type body, so the doll could stand and sit without falling over(it would have been perfect), but..then again she..... ...Dr.Williams, did not make this doll for a grown 30 something woman( I've gotten a bit spoiled)..she made it for little girls so....It's a soft body doll..
                              This is my first official doll review and I give this beautiful doll a 9 !

                                              Please help support African American doll artist!

                                                                   Positively Perfect
                                                                          By: EPI

Django Drama
My family and I are a Netflix kinda family. Every once in a while we will go out and see a movie. A few weeks ago I started hearing a buzz about the movie Django and saw that it was causing some heated debates, because of the use of the N word. For some reason I didn't stress about it because it seems to be common in movies today and it is sometimes necessary if you want to depict a part of history accurately. I must first tell you this. I am a history buff and I love history the good and bad. Last night while watching the evening news, I found out there were a dolls produced... ( yes, I didn't even know.. I have been very busy since starting graduate school a few weeks ago) Honestly, my  heart fluttered when I saw the action figure with his hat and rugged good looks, I thought wow, he'd be a great boy friend for one of my Glammed up Barbies.. Well I found out he was only an 8 in doll and much worse.. because of a petition the dolls where not going to be produced anymore and where going for as much as $300 on Ebay.. I said oooooooooooman and a  quick rage went through me ( the kind doll collectors get when we miss out on something really  nice). So, I quickly went on line first to Amazon and I must tell you,  I really became mad.. the lowest price was $899 and the highest was $2,599.00. I said out loud to my family wow this is crazy.... Honestly I was hurt because I knew the prices where jacked up purposely.  So instead of hurting the sales the protest have actually helped make the doll a high demand.
 I can no longer comment because, I  am yet to see the movie and find out exactly why our community is angry. Are we saying no one can make a movie about slavery? No one, in Hollywood can make  money off of our pain and suffering( if that's the case the black actors should not have did the movie)... If Spike had made the movie would it have been OK? I do know that the dolls were not meant for kids to purchase and play with.. these dolls unlike the Positively Perfect Dolls are made for Adult doll collectors.  I can tell you that I have used my doll collection to teach children about self esteem and history. So this conversation is to be continued until I watch the movie. I will say this lastly, It is a good thing we have tools like online petitions and that companies are listening to us. Here is a pic of the Django dolls ( the African American male in the front caught my eye).



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  2. I saw for the first time the Positively Perfect dolls at Wal-Mart last weekend. I had to exercise some serious discipline not to buy the one you purchased. I love her tightly coiled locks. I did photograph the trio that was there with my cellphone with plans to do a blog post, but that has not happened. I am glad you shared your dolls with us.

    I didn't add this particular doll to my collection because I have strayed away from 18-inch play line dolls. I will probably go back and get one for my niece. This will be my way of supporting this AA-owned doll company and adding to my niece's Black-doll family.

    I have not seen the movie, Django, and have no plans to see it (at least not in a theater). When and if it shows up on Netflix or at Redbox, I might view it.

    I believe the controversy over the action figures made in the likeness of the main Django characters stems from non-collectors who view the dolls as "slave dolls" and not what they represent: movie memorabilia for adult collectors. I do not believe children are the target market for the dolls, so the controversy, as you have indicated, has only served to run the prices up of the dolls and/or have production ceased.


    1. YES, I totally agree.The dolls are for adult doll collectors! In this case movie collectors.
      I also thought about buying a few more EPI dolls to give out as gifts.

    2. YES, I totally agree.The dolls are for adult doll collectors! In this case movie collectors.
      I also thought about buying a few more EPI dolls to give out as gifts.


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