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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Happy Birthday to Meeee! My Visit to the American Girl Store

Beach Cabanna Lights up,and is only available in stores!
This year I decided to celebrate my birthday for the entire year. This has got to be the coolest idea I have come up with yet. So for the fourth week of May, I decided to vist the American Girl store in Houston, Tx. We visited the bistro, which I must tell you is beautifully decorated in pinks, black and white( my favorite colors). FYI please remember to RSVP or you will NOT get to eat that day! I also decided to get a personal shopper for this visit because I had a few guest with me that I wanted to introduce the hobby to. Thank you, Ms La Wren and Kennedy! The personal shopper did an excellent job of introducing the girls to the main historical characters and answering any questions. We had time to take pictures and she welcomed the girls to touch any of the dolls. Since I already knew what I was there for.... Cecile!!! I thought this trip would be simple and easy but, I found myself being drawn in by the many accessories and beautiful outfis for the dolls. Myself and Kennedy decided to stay and do arts and crafts, which I think was very fun, because it was a needlepoint activity which many young people know nothing about today. The arts and crafts table was very crowded and full of energy! My advice would be to arrive early! I am in awe of the beach cabanna and how the beautiful bright colors are on brown skin! My next purchase is my first Inner Star doll and the beach cabanna.. I also want a cello and a bike and a trundle bed lol. Yes I felt just like a kid in a candy store. Over all I would rate this visit about a 7 out of 10. Special thanks to Nancy Vigil my personal shopper!