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Pretty in Purple

Pretty in Purple.. Pulled out my doll condo to do a quick photo shoot..


Ive enjoyed my AG Rebecca for sometime now.Last night, I finally sent her along her way with a new family.They came all the way from Leander to get her. As hard as it is to let go of some of my beauties, it is a wonderful feeling knowing your bringing happiness to  others.Shortly after, I recieved a pic of Rebecca's new mom, a 5 year old with the biggest smile on her face.

Passing Time

Passing Time on Xmas Eve .
A project I worked on with lil Ms. La' Wren.

Happy Holidays

Wishing you and yours a Happy Holiday.
This cuties for sale on Ebay...
View seller CASSIERUN for other Eco Friendly dolls!


This week is the dolls are spending the weekend reviewing assignments.. I created the school props in the photo using art and craft supplies
Water bottle


My Holiday Sweet Shop
Handmade goodies


I just wanted to take a moment to pause and remind everyone to hug a child today.

2 minute Bistro Table

It will take you longer to gather the materials for this project..than it will take for you to make it.You will need a  mini hat box ...white construction paper, tape, and a slender aluminum can simply follow instructions and you'll have a beautiful table in minutes.
1.remove lid from the hat box
2.tape construction paper around can lid on top of pedestal
4.add napkins, plates ,silverware and flower.

*This project can  be used for various doll sizes. The table looks to scale with Corolle Dolls and an American Girl Doll, so any doll size 10-18 would be excellent.

Cinderella's Big Chop.

I recovered a 16 in singing Cinderella this weekend..We chopped off her 12 in mane and gave her big soft hair...Shes now a fashionista and ready to rock some exclusive fashions. We created a no sew maxi dress from the sleeve of a brightly patterned blouse..the bistro table was made from a mini hat box....I 'll post the info on the dress a bistro table soon!

My Wish List

This is number 1 on my list to Santa..Along with her ultra girly party accessories, Ce'cile dressed for the masqurade ball is at the top of many Xmas list.