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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Collecting OOAK Dolls by African American Artist

A few years ago when I almost lost my fire for doll collecting(2011). I discovered a doll artist named Tanya Monegut. I loved the sassy hair, the boots..... I had to have one. I felt the dolls where so much like me. It took me months, but I tracked the artist down and then started communicatine with her via email. At the time she did not have any pieces avaliable... I lost track and it took me another year and
half before I was able to track her down again on 3 years later I have finally found and purchased a doll from this wonderful artist. I must tell you she is nothing short of awesome. The work and craftsman ship is over and beyond..... I love my new couple, but have not decided on any names yet. Any suggestions?


  1. Tanya usually names her pieces. Do you know what she named the couple.

    I purchased a couple from her in 2009 and until recently referred to them as Sueded Couple. It was only last year that I learned she had named them "We Love," which is so appropriate for them.

    She is a wonderful person and her dolls are as wonderful. I love her work!

    Enjoy your couple.


  2. Thanks Sis! I am thinking about creating a "Harlem like" Brownstone for them to dwell in ....