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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Thrift Store Treasures...

I've become somewhat of AN addict....I get a thrill from finding name brand items for a cheap price..Heres what I found last week. ..
A Journey Girls Travel set still in the package..$5...I grabbed it so quickly...just as I started checking out..I saw a nice doll closet.sitting on the floor behind the register...I asked the cashier the price and may I look at it...I thought a perfect size for my AG dolls..opened it and it was full of...AG hangers...$19.99! This is my lucky spot..Ive found 2..18 in American Girls here and the beautiful Journey Girl in the pic!


  1. I always love good dolly finds at the thrift stores....

    1. Yes,
      It makes it all the sweeter. Please come back and visit we will be running a contest for September and giving prizes!