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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dreams Do Come True...An AG Doll Room for $2.83

I am so super excited about the way my first offical AG Doll Room turned out.This project was inspired by the AG doll scences that sell for $200 and Kits treehouse.
This project was created with wood from an old book case,free wood flooring samples from Home Depot ..left over wall paper,black spray paint and crown molding that cost $2.83.OMG!!! can you believe that..
Once I decided on my colors I visioned exactly how I wanted the room.Since I saved so much money Building it ...I could splurge decorating..So first major piece the glass chandelier on sale at Hobby Lobby for $8...exactly what I visioned..Stay tuned for more pics as I began to decorate and add furniture...Hope I inspired someone today!

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