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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Welcome Everyone!!

Addy in front of the American Flag

                                      I used an epoxy to adhere the tin and wood

                          A cut out of a window with real dried flowers hanging

A pie cabinet with a sweet potato pie



I want to welcome everyone to my Doll Party. 

This is the place were we hang out and I get to share my doll collection and projects. 

Today, I'm posting pics of an American Girl Cabin for Addy, I made a few weeks ago. I used an old dresser, wallpaper that looked like aged wood,galvanized tin and furniture purchased from Hobby Lobby.

I made the sweet potato pie, farm eggs and watermelon all by myself


  1. wow i really like this blog! great job!

  2. I'm interested in playing with dolls as therapy for adults. I never played with dolls as a child, and am only now learning their usefulness. I'm 44, mother of two, and have Asperger's Syndrome. Since seeing the "My Froggy Stuff" channel on YouTube I have begun playing with dolls, and learning how they can help us communicate in ways sometimes difficult in person. Sometimes they can also help us work through and begin to heal old wounds from our childhood.
    I'm glad you have started this blog, and your new class. I hope you will take lots of pictures, and post them on YouTube! I'm fascinated to learn how other people play with dolls.