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Thursday, January 30, 2014


Heart4Heart Dolls
Lauryce From New Orleans, LA
A Little Creole Girl who survived Hurricane Katrina
My Doc McStuffins Collection is growing lol!
 I went to the Disney Store and found the doll on the lower right for $20 , She talks and sings!
 The Mc Stuffins Family was found exclusivly at TRU for $29.99
I hope the year has started off great for everyone. I have been very busy with work, but trying hard to complete the many dolly projects I'm working on. I wanted to share some new additions to my collection. Remember, always buy what you like! I missed out on a doll yesturday ( Norman Rockwells Wilma) SO I am recovering from that. Hope you enjoy my new dolls! More updates on projects are coming soon!


  1. I hope you are able to add Wilma to your doll family soon. I have two, but cannot part with one; she is that special to me.

    I need to purchase at least one Doc McStuffins doll for myself and one for my niece since the character's mom has now been named for a real local doctor, Dr. Myiesha Taylor as reported in the January 8th online article of Jet and elsewhere.


  2. Interesting article! Very inspiring.. Thanks for sharing. I just love Doc McStuffins the creator also helped to create Little Bill.