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Sunday, September 4, 2016

  A day at Zilker Botanical Garden with Kendall and my dear friend who worked as my photo assistant.. before she took over the photo shoot! We started at her beautiful house that is full of ethnic and cultural artifacts from all over the world. Then we headed out for a hike with our cameras and Kendall. Zilker Botanical Garden is full of Asian inspired gardens and a beautiful Zen Garden. My friend  who came to walk was soon bitten by the doll bug and was very active in getting the perfect shot. She did great until she got a little to bold towards the end and Kendall collapsed head first in a murky mini tank full of minnows and algae. After gasping, and my heart palpitating I regrouped and we headed out. This park is located within Zilker Park in Austin Tx! Today was beautiful and the garden was full! I think we got a lot of great photos take a look and tell me which is your favorite shot!


  1. That is my biggest fear in doing a doll in nature shoot that something like that will happen. The doll will get dirt on her, and if I have to wash the hair or the clothes there could be damage to either of them.

  2. This was my first time being so carefree with a new doll!!! She was easy to clean up and looks like new and smells yummy since I bathe her! Sometimes you have to just go for it!
    Thanks for stopping by!