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Time Heals

  Its been almost 3 years since I lost my father, and 2 since I last posted on my blog. I can honestly say I have no excuse other than I had no desire to blog or share my life, or my dolls with anyone . In fact, I even contemplated shutting my blog down..making it disappear into cyberspace. I'm happy, I didn't .
So what have I been doing, well just trying to heal. Imagine trying to enjoy the very thing that reminds you of the person who is no longer there.I can not think of my dolls, and not think of my father after all, he was the person who spoiled me and purchase my dolls for me as a kid. So he has been a big part of my life in many ways. I also made some very pricy purchases these past few years often exceeding my doll budget on a monthly basis. I've gotten to know some very nice doll collectors on line, expanded my knowledge about vintage and antique dolls and had the wonderful opportunity to get a custom made doll from a very celebrated and talented doll artist. So to make a long story short, I have lots of beautiful pictures along life stories and lessons to tell.
 I recently started a new project this last year in which I am now traveling with Addy Walker and documenting our journey via pictures, video on Instagram, and Facebook. So please make sure you stop by and visit, leave a message and hopefully be inspired. I will be sharing my dolls and photos or the next few weeks.

My favorite doll in my collection as of now is Matoka. After watching her for 15 years and wishing for her, I was able to purchase her for a remarkable price for my father's anniversary. As most of you may know she is from the 2005 Annette Himstedt Collection. Here she is dressed as a fairy for Halloween.


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  This morning marks a significant day for me as a professional doll collector. I think I just acquired the most  unique doll in my collection. I noticed the dolls about a month ago while researching voodoo dolls on Ebay. Since learning I am a descendant from the Benin and Togo area of Africa I have  been researching about their religion and trying to understand it more. I have also learned that my line of work has exposed me to homes where families may openly practice Voodoo or Santeria..
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